Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Service Saturday

I’ve not updated my blog in a while, sorry about this. College classes are back in full swing and at work we are gearing up for a big literacy push in all the classrooms.. We are getting ready to do a parent night with a literacy theme next month. My classes are going well. I did not realize that when I signed up for my English class that it had a volunteer component to it. There were several volunteer agencies to choose from, covering everything from animals, AIDS, children, to the environment. While all of the agencies appealed to me, I choose to join the BSU Volunteer Service Board, mainly because they cover a lot of different community needs and they do a lot of activities on Saturdays, which works best with my schedule. I’ve already attended two of their Service Saturdays and the Orientation.
The first Saturday Service I ended up at Arts in the Park. Arts in the Park is a major fundraiser for the Boise Art Museum (BAM). The group was stood at information booths and trying to sell raffle tickets. We also gave people information in order to find specific artists or the most common question; where could they find the Children’s Art Corner. That question was often asked by weary parents dragging dog-tired children. I managed to talk two people into buying tickets, so I raised a whole fifteen dollars for BAM.
Even though I didn’t raise a lot of money for BAM, I had a lot of fun helping people try to find that specific artist they were looking for. I also met up with a lot of my friends and past acquaintances. I passed Arts in Park several times before I volunteered and told myself I should go and check it out. But I just came up with excuses. After volunteering, I went back and found a couple Christmas gifts for my family. I also went and toured the Museum; there was a lot of cool artwork.