Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Helping With Homework

Even though I don't have children, most of my nieces and nephews live in town, so I get roped into helping with homework. To tell you the truth, I enjoy almost every moment. My niece asked to help her with two homework assignments.The first one was for English, she had to make a poster that reflected her personality. Here's what she came up with...

The smiley face shows her general attitude. The cupcake shows her love of baking and cooking. The stocking represents her favorite holiday --Christmas and her favorite people-- the seven members of her family. She loves her parents, four sisters and her baby brother.
The corn represents her way of missing up her sentences- one day she was talking to one of her sisters about corn and she said "cob on the corn" instead of "corn on the cob". (It a family trait, by the way.) The quote is something she lives everyday.
The second homework assignment was to create a house for her French class. She made six Dioramas for the house. She made a kitchen, bedroom, living room, garage, bathroom and garden. I had to include a picture of the artist as well. I love all the details she created.
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