Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthday Bash Stamp a Stack

Hi all,
I am hosting my first annual Birthday Stamp a Stack. This is a little different from the Christmas Stamp a stack. We will be making two of each card, but if you have a favorite card you'd like to make more of, you have the option of ordering more kits to complete at the event.
I have to tell you that my first stamp I ever bought was a Birthday stamp. Between my large family (6 siblings + 16 and growing nieces and nephews) and cards for co-works and students, I thought it would save me a little money. Who knew that that small purchase would awaking a 10+ year hobby that has filled my life with great friendships and memories. Because I love to make Birthday cards it was hard to narrow them down to five designs. 

Chalk Talk/ Label Love

Stipples Blossoms

Perfect Pennants

Just Sayin'

Minion Flip Card 

Stamp A Stack!

* Saturday,April  29th 

10 cards only $20
At My Home
3129 Jordan St
Boise Id 83702
10 AM- 2 PM or 6PM-10PM

Registration: For only $20, you'll receive all of the materials to complete ten birthday card plus envelopes !

Projects: You stock up on birthday card
Receive a REBATE: When you place a $50 (or more) order at the camp, you will receive a $5 rebate from your registration fee!

Prizes: Think you never win?! I'll will be giving an "on-time" prize, so make sure you arrive early to be eligible for this drawing! You can earn one raffle ticket for every $10, or for signing up for one of my classes. I will also be giving prizes every hour, and a GRAND PRIZE to whomever places the largest order during the camp.
Deadline: I must receive your registration form and payment no later than 4/21/14. However, I encourage you to send it in TODAY; because we are limiting the camp to only 8 stampers!


Name: _____________________________________ Phone: _______________
Address: __________________________________________________________

[ ] Yes, sign me up ! [ ] 10am-2pm session [ ] 6:00pm-10:00 [ ] $20 payment enclosed
[ ] Yes, I would like to order additional card kits for 1.50 each. :I'd like to order more of (please fill in how many more you would like to order
[  ] Chalk Talk? Label Love
[  } Stipple Roses
{  } Perfect Pennants
{  } Just Sayin'
{  } Minion Card 
[ ] Yes, I'll be bringing ______ friends. Payment for them is enclosed, also.
(Please list name(s) and address(es) on the back of this form.)

Registration Deadline is 4/21/14

Please mail this registration form, along with your payment, with checks made payable to:
Heidi Hawks
3129 Jordan St
Boise Id 83702